Honda Accord Tires

112_0708_96z+2008_honda_accord_exl_v6+tire_viewThough any brand of cars runs on tires, each brand, model and make relies on some specific tire models that fit the car well. When you buy a new car, the manufacturer provides you with a particular brand of tires. Tires are prone to increased wear and tear as compared to other parts. Hence it becomes inevitable that you need to change your worn out tires to ensure safe driving. You can check online for tirerack replacement offers and utilize them to replace the worn out tires. When it comes to replacing tires, you do not have to stick to the manufacturer brand; a number of brands offer tires that are suited for Honda Accord. The usage of Nutrisystem promo codes help you diet in an affordable manner.
There are numerous online retailers who offer help in recommending the right tires for your car once you specify the make and model.

Reviewed below are some tire models that are suitable for your Honda Accord.

1. Goodyear Instinct ZR

These tires are best recommended if you own the Honda Accord Hybrid version. The tires combine street smart appearance with ultra high performance. they have a continuous and solid center rib which transfers the lateral forces and provides excellent stability at highway speeds. To enhance wet and winter weather performance, the tires have blocking tire block edges. The twin circumferential grooves help to evacuate water from the tread. The max flange shield protects the rim from accidental curb damage.

2. Dunlop SP Sport 7000 A/S

If you own a Honda Accord Sports sedan, these tires offer all season high performance. Its multi radius tread technology delivers superb dry and wet handling. The 5 pitch technology helps to have a quiet ride and cuts out on the noise. The tires jointless band technology helps to maintain the shape of the tires and delivers smooth performance at high speeds.

3. Continental Contiprocontact

these are all season tires delivering high performance. The tires offer unparalled wet braking capacity and traction all year round. The tires feature increased water evacuation and outstanding braking on wet surfaces. the steering response is enhanced by optimized shoulder lug stability. The tread pattern reduces noise and is equipped to improve stability and dry handling.

4. Bridgestone Turanza EL42

This is an all season tire which features improved wet and dry grip and enhanced cornering and straight line stability. You reap the dual benefits of a quiet ride in all weather conditions. It employs Serenity technology and the optimal tread design handles the pavement in dry and wet weather and reduces road noise.

5. Accelera Alpha

These summer tires combine performance and affordability. In hot summer conditions, these tires deliver high performance. It is designed to be the most elegant and safest tire. these tires are crafted from special rubber that are designed to withstand hot and boiling road. The superior tread design and the silica compound technology help to overcome the aqua planning forces on wet roads. these tires offer very low rolling resistance which helps to save energy.

Tires are utmost important for safe driving and improving the fuel efficiency. Make sure that you identify the replacement tire and buy and install the right tires that fit your Honda Accord.